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Our Guarantee 


All animals listed on the website are individual animals and the animal will be sent if purchased.

All animals that are advertised on our site are of good health and eating without issue at the time of sale and will not be sold if there is any doubt of the animal’s health.

Payment Options

We accept direct debit, visa, all credit cards (excluding Amex) and PayPal via the website or Bank transfer if pre-organised with us. 

Payment is required in full for the animal and transport before any animals are sent to their new homes.

Purchasing Animals 

If an animal shows available on the website then it is available to purchase.  Please follow the prompts to view animals then when you make a selection add it to your cart. Please also complete the signup section as this is allows us to confirm the address the animal(s) will be sent. 

Note: Animals are unable to be purchased in Western Australia or Tasmania. Please be aware that not all animals are available in all states and some may require specialist or higher level of wildlife keeping license e.g. South Australia requires Specialist keeping licence to keep pygmy pythons. Please refer to your state/territory restrictions.

Freighting Information


We are based in Alice Springs and if you're in town please feel free to make contact and pick up can be arranged. Everyone else will require freight.

Normally we are able to freight to the majority of airports within Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia, and the Northern Territory, we are unable to freight animals to Tasmania or Western Australia at all.


Freight is booked through a pet travel company that will utilize Qantas Freight at the expense of the buyer. We have been using this method for approximately 10 years without issue.


An example of how your animal(s) will arrive at your local airport. 

Currently, with COVID19 we are not able to freight to all locations without issue. Due to Qantas restricting their flight numbers Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, and Melbourne are able to be freighted to. If you wish to have the animals freighted to a regional airport please get in contact with us before purchasing an animal. Generally, regional airports are available to freight to but it possibly means that we have to send the animal(s) to a major city first held overnight then sent onto the regional airport. Although we try to keep unnecessary expenses to a minimum this comes at an increase in price for freight.

Freight to major city airports generally costs around $105-$115 per flight for up to 3 small snakes and the price increases with the number of animals or size of animals purchased. Freight is automatically worked out at the time of check out. 

Approximately 1 week before freight we will cease feeding your animal to reduce the risk of deification in the transport container and stress on the animal (and you when you open the bag).

Your animal(s) will be packed up in a breathable heshon bag and placed in a secure plastic container with breathable holes. This container will be delivered to the Alice Springs Qantas Freight depot on the agreed date. Qantas will mark the container for its required destination and receiver’s name. We will contact you advising that the animal(s) have been lodged with Qantas. You will be given the flight details and conscript number. This number is important as you may need it to collect your animal at certain airports.  

You will need to collect the animal from the Qantas Building at your local airport. This is usually a building within the airport but away from the terminal. Please refer to this link for local Qantas freight addresses.

Please arrive approximately 30 minutes after the plane lands so that Qantas members can unload the animals and transport it to the Qantas freight building. This will save you waiting around.

To collect your animal you will need a photo id matching the name that the animal was sent and usually the consignment number for collection at Qantas Freight.

If you are a pet store and wish to purchase a large number of animals please get in contact with us through the sales email.

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