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The Beginnings 

Since a very young age, I remember being fascinated with animals and particularly reptiles. I remember getting bitten by a large bearded dragon when I was 6 or so when I grabbed it. This guy left a large set of teeth marks in my hand, however, this didn’t discourage me and I still grew up finding and rescuing any reptile I could find.

In 2008 I purchased my first gecko, a Tessellated gecko. I was fascinated by the little guy and would watch him feed at night and I would set up hides . As much as I was interested in him, it wasn’t till I went halves with my nephew in a barking gecko breeding project that I really got hooked. Fast forward several years and I was keeping 16 species of Australian geckos with over 100 individuals. It wasn’t long before I branched into snakes and bought my first pygmy python. It was love at first sight and even today pygmy pythons are still a large part of the collection here at CBC. 




Today we (my partner Casey and I)  have a much smaller gecko population but a much larger snake collection.  Our passion for keeping reptiles has expanded to a variety of native Australian species and we are open to keeping any reptile species, space and time permitting. 



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