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66% het T+ Stimson’s python (LL) x (LL)

66% het T+ Stimson’s python (LL) x (LL)

66% possible het for LEAHEY's Line (LL) T+ stimson’s python, parentage is from a 100% het for T+ (LL)  father to a 100% het for T+ (LL) mother. This baby has a 66% chance to carry the T+ gene. Born 30/11/2020.  There was 2 T+ babies in ths clutch and both were hold backs as they were the nicest produced this year. 
  • Freight

    Freight is organised with Qantas Freight. Freight price is estimated by weight. Generally 3 small snakes can fit within a small create and would usually cost approximately $110 depending on the destination. A minimum freight charge of $110 will be added to your purchase.

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